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Harrison’s Clocks

John Harrison built four clocks in his attempt to win the Admiralty’s prize for the first person to accurately calculate longitude at sea. In 1773, 31 years after he began trying, he proved that he could find longitude at sea within the required half a degree.


Heave-to. To stop a boat in the water and to ‘hover’ in this position.

HMS Victory

HMS Victory was Nelson’s Flagship. She is the oldest serving warship in the world and is moored in the Historic Dockyards.


Hull. A boat’s biggest single part is the hull, the piece to which all other parts are attached either directly or indirectly.

Hull down

Hull down means the hull of the ship is not visible beyond the horizon’s curve.

Hull speed

At hull speed, the length of the wave generated by he bow equals the waterline length of the hull.

Hurricane Categories

There are five Hurricane Categories – the least powerful is Category One, the most powerful is a Five.

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