Chapter 20 Notes

The following images of San Sebastian were taken in 2002. Click on one to enlarge it.

This is one of the few buildings which survived the night of August 31st, 1813 and is today a restaurant.

South West, the rest. entrance

The next photo was taken inside, and was the inspiration for the Olive wood sculpture that Josh sees when he enters with James.

Olive wood sculpture in bar

The middle one shows the Puerta Del la Mar, or Gateway to the Sea.

Puerta del la Mar

The original breach created by Wellington is now in the subterranean level of the parking lot near the square.

Is this the hole?

Another bar, near the Puerta del la Mar.

Bar for lunch, opp port

The area where Josh and James surface after their SCUBA dive into old San Sebastian, the area under the dock near the pilings.

Change area 3

The Mirador gate of the Castille

Mirador gate

The view from the Castille’s ramparts of the entrance to the harbour, showing the offset in the basin wall.

SE Rampart down onto port sea gate

From the Castille, looking out towards Isla St. Clara.

Coca-Cola 2

The Isla St. Clara.

View of St Clara, East Rampart

From the Castille on top of Mount Urgill, looking down the NE face of the mountain.

NE Rampart, looking east to St. Clara

A street in the old city, a part which was rebuilt beginning in 1814.

View towards Puerta de Mar

The façade of the church of Santa Maria


Taken from the other side of the river, looking into town.

NE Face of Monte Urgull 1

The Naval Museum near the harbor.

Naval Museum (front)