Chapter 26 Notes

Josh’s handgun, is FN’s Five-seveN® Pistol.
Here’s what the company which makes it, says about it:
(Information courtesy of FN HERSTAL)
FN’s newest contribution to the handgun’s evolution is named the Five-seveN®. This 20-round pistol fires a 5.7mm bullet that will defeat most body armor in military service around the world today. Essentially, the Five-seveN® represents a quantum leap forward in the handgun’s suitability for close engagements by delivering the type of performance that was previously confined to rifles or carbines. Elements of this performance include:

High magazine capacity: The Five-seveN® comes standard with 20-round magazine.

High hit probability: The Five-seveN’s® extremely low recoil impulse results in virtually no muzzle climb, thereby facilitating fast and controllable follow-up shots.

Yet, the Five-seveN® is:
Light and ergonomic: Weighing 30% less than most 9mm pistols, the smoothly-contoured Five-seveN® is comfortable to carry and quick to deploy.

Fully safe: Due to its double-action firing mechanism, the Five-seveN® offers no inherent risk of accidental discharge during transportation. Furthermore, all of its safety devices are automatically reengaged following each firing cycle.

The Five-seveN® fires the SS190 5.7x28mm ball round. This projectile will perforate any individual protection on today’s battlefield including the PASGT kevlar helmet, 48 layers of kevlar body armor and the CRISAT target (titanium and kevlar). The SS190’s conventional design allows it to be manufactured on existing production lines, and its lead-free composition eliminates range contamination.

Josh’s sniper rifle, is the Parker Hale M-85.
Caliber: 7.62mm NATO (.308 Win)
Magazine: 10 shot detachable
Barrel Length: 24.5″
Weight (with scope): 12.57 lbs.
Overall Length: 45.3″
Stock: McMillan fiberglass (several color patterns available)
The Model 85’s synthetic stock is available in various colors, and can be fitted with butt spacers to adjust length. A detachable bi-pod is standard.

James tells Josh and Ses that Plato would be delighted with the depth of your feelings for one another, and references Plato’s Symposium (written between 385 and 370 BCE.) The symposium in question concerned itself with love in its various forms and today, parts of it are thought to have introduced the concept of Platonic Love.

The dialogue has a series of men and deliver a speech on his chosen facet of love, what was called an encomium (a speech in praise of love – Eros).

Socrates spoke about the highest purpose of love is a love of the truth and thus being a philosopher was the highest goal a man could attain.

Aristophanes’s speech concerned the reasons why people in love claim to be “whole” again and then he relates how in “primal” times, humans had one head with two faces and one body with two arms and legs as James relates. According to Aristophanes, if one of these primal humans was severed into 2 women or 2 men, they became lesbians or homosexuals.

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