Chapter 6 Notes

Orders from The Admiralty to a ship at sea

The order which Josh hands to¬†Thomas was edited based on a similar order written in 1811, viewed in the Greenwich Maritime Museum’s stacks. When I asked for a set of the cotton gloves in the tray in front of the Librarian, so that I could handle the document, she said, “Oh no. Those are for the old stuff.”

La Clorinde

La Clorinde‘s details were found in the Greenwich Museum of Naval History. Her role in this book is imaginary.

Although modeled on several French army officers of the period, Commandant Coignart is fictitious. I found his family name on a plaque in Rouen. Not reading French too well, I’m not sure of Monsieur Coignart’s station or role in the city, but he appeared to have been a merchant and city official.