Chapter 2 Notes

Horizon at Sea

The curvature of the earth reduces the distance one can see looking straight out to sea. A person around six feet tall can see about 3 miles of water stretching out ahead before the surface “drops” below her line of sight.

More on the sails and rigging of old warships.

Sir Gabriel Hopetown Stoke. The link between Cassius and his illustrious relative is fictitious and is not intended to impugn Sir Stoke or his place in history in any way. It was a way to infuse Cassius with his obsession

Sir Stoke wrote, before the Battle of Vittorio, “I claim no community of feeling with those persons, who have not experienced, on the eve of battle, some awkward sensations about the regions of the heart.

The passage from Lord Stoke’s book concerning a man’s thoughts on the eve of battle were drawn from Memoirs of an Officer who served in the armies of His Majesty and East India Company, 1802 – 1814, by Sir Hopetown Gabriel Stoke. K.C.I.E, C.S.I. Subtitled Twelve Years of Military Adventures in Three Quarters of the Globe. The book is available for reference in the British Army Museum in Sloan Square, London, UK.