Short Stories

Canadian Book Club Review

Review of the 2008 version of the book: Napoleon’s Gambit by Eric Goldman will reel you into a fantasy of time travel. At first glance, it reads for a male audience. A high-level military man gives pony-tailed Joshua Rick $5 million dollars to build his dreamboat. Part of the fantasy starts with the technology used to […]

Put Good Foot

A short story I wrote about a true event. Yes, the sea features in it, but this time no sailboats appear. It’s set in the early 20th C and I won’t spoil it by telling you much more than that. It’s published on Wattpad here.

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For those who like to hear a book rather than read it, you can now listen for FREE to Napoleon’s Gambit narrated by the author! The book has now been released in podcast form for the wonderful price of zero! Click here to start listening

Demand Generation by Gossamar