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Canadian Book Club Review

Read the Review on Canadian Book Clubs: Napoleon’s Gambit by Eric Goldman will reel you into a fantasy of time travel. At first glance, it reads for a male audience. A high-level military man gives pony-tailed Joshua Rick $5 million dollars to build his dreamboat. Part of the fantasy starts with the technology used to [...]

What would you take back to the 19th C?

Readers who have asked me why Josh takes the items he does, can find the answer in one of Chapter Twelve’s notes. But what 3 items would you take, if your mission was to go back to the 19th C and convince someone that you’re from the 21st C? To play, you have to follow [...]

Swiss Army Knives, Zip-Locks and iPods

Readers have asked about the goodies Josh takes with him to convince Thomas and James that he’s from the 21st C. Why these three items?

A Titanic Story

Put Good Foot (Based on actual events) The mist lifts for a moment and the sky looms gray over London’s Oxford Street. A thick smell of coal dust hangs and a hansome cab clatters by spraying mud. Mrs. Maria Panula draws her five sons closer, pressing back against the stone storefront. People crowd round and [...]

Get your own Chapter One Podcast – FREE!

For those who like to hear a book rather than read it, you can now listen for FREE to Napoleon’s Gambit narrated by the author! The first 12 chapters of the book will be released in podcast form for the wonderful price of zero! Beginning July 28th, 2008, you will be able to download one [...]

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