A modern sailor is recruited by the Royal Navy and finds himself on the deck of HMS Impérieuse in 1813, as she sails into battle against overwhelming odds. At stake are $5 billion in gold and the fate of the modern world. Think of it as Captain Kirk meets Captain Jack Aubrey: a moral tale, light-hearted and filled with action, yet rich in authentic historical and nautical detail. Napoleon’s Gambit is set in exotic locations aboard the world’s most advanced yacht and on old wooden warships. Its love-story, sword-fights, sea-battles and storms at sea add tension to an unpredictable and satisfying plot.

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About Eric Goldman – A Brief Bio
The sailing in this book is based on my attempted solo-circumnavigation. In many ways, a dream brought to life: wind-swept blue oceans, crystal lagoons and sandy beaches, paddling my Kayak over breathtaking reefs….

In November 2001, I was a third of the way round on my 47-foot catamaran, when Hurricane Olga struck. Enroute from New York to Bermuda, seasick and alone, facing 60-foot waves and winds to 80 knots, I contemplated death for 36 hours. Weak from lack of food and sleep, I considering ending my anguish by falling overboard. I was saved by the knowledge that I owed it to the people who loved me, to try every trick of seamanship I knew, to survive.

I reached safe harbour in St. George, Bermuda, and slept for 14 hours. I awoke to a sense of renewed life and the understanding that true wealth is measured in human relationships. I gave up sailing and now write about it instead. This is my first novel: a sailor’s fun adventure with a more serious undercurrent. It reflects the state of our modern world and contrasts it to the early 19th C – the time when we invent Power and launch the good ship technology. The book also contrasts the differences in human behaviour between then and now. All this in the hope that our species restores its personal moral compasses before its too late.