Clinker built

The text in the book on page 55 reads:

The Jolly boat you used to fall in with us. It was clinker built in the French design of this time.

Wooden boats use 2 distinct methods to lay the hull’s planking:

  1. Clinker built boats have their planks overlapped
  2.  Carver built boats have their planks joined at the edge with a seam of caulking between the two to make it watertight.

As you can see here:


The Clinker method was the original way, replaced by Carver in the 14th C. Carver hulls were stronger, able to support heavier rigs and thus bigger and faster ships. Carver hulls also allowed a gun port lid to be cut into the hull, which could be lowered into place and sealed closed, keeping water out. This in turn allowed the guns to be located lower down on the hull. Bigger ships had a row of guns a few feet above the waterline with rows of lighter guns above.

This in turn allowed heavier and bigger guns to be installed, as the weight could be low down in the ship acting as ballast. Carver built hulls, in contrast, required the guns to be mounted on the top deck and fired through the railings.

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