Chapter 4 Notes

Bosun’s pipe

Among the most important roles a Bosun played, was controlling the deck of the ship. He ordered the crew on it to perform all the duties which the deck supported: basically everything except sleeping and eating. He played a different set of blasts and tones on a pipe to indicate the next order or manoeuvre to be carried out.

A  pipe from the period:


Never heard one myself, but they are described as shrill and piercing sounds, able to penetrate the wind and wake, and the din of battle.

Midshipman Mapleton is mentioned in Thomas’ autobiography.

Frederick Marryat:

Here’s his Wiki entry. He was one of the midshipmen on board Thomas’s Impérieuse at the Battle of Aix Roads. He commanded the second exploding ship as I related in Chapter 44. His version of the battle is here.

Bit-by-Bit I shout

Replying to this question with the name of a boat instead of one’s own indicates the Captain of that vessel is aboard its tender.

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