What would you take back to the 19th C?

Readers wondering why Josh takes the items he does to show Thomas and James, will find the answer in one of Chapter Twelve’s notes.

But what 3 items would you take, if your mission was to go back to the 19th C and convince someone that you’re from the 21st C? To play, you have to follow the same rules Josh did:

1) You have to carry the item with you in Bit-by-Bit, so it has to be small and compact. Weight is an issue.
2) Marine environments are not electronics friendly. Obviously computers and the usual toys work, but to ensure that any one of them operates at the critical moment, you have to take precautions. You can use these items, but you have to explain how you would ensure they light-up when switched on.
3) If you cause Future Shock your contact dies. This is difficult to quantify, but reactions larger than Thomas’s and James’s to Josh’s demo, register as a heart attack and you’re out.

What would you take, and why? If you would like to play, please go to the note and use the comments form.

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