Greed, Lust and Gluttony

Josh believes GLG is the overriding human condition. Here’s an extract from a previous draft where Cassius is recruiting Josh in Bermuda.

The wine waiter arrives filled with the importance of opening some of the cellar’s rarest bottles. He extracts the cork and places it in front of me. I pick it up, sniff and compare the cork’s printing to the bottle’s. In response to Cassius’s quizzical look I say, “The cork is given to you to smell, to ensure that it was airtight and that the wine is not off.”
“I know the sniff test,” he growls. “What’s with its label?”
“Part of your due diligence, is to check that no unscrupulous restaurateur has opened the bottle, drunk its nectar and replaced it with plonk. It’s the old story of GLG.”
“Greed, Lust and Gluttony. The old ones thought there were seven Deadly Sins, but the way I see it, most of our actions are sparked with at least one and usually all three of GLG.”
Cassius smiles. “Strange, that. I pictured you as a tree-hugger.” He shrugs. “But I see you’re more of a moneyman. Like myself.”

The bit about GLG enabling us to hold two contradicting beliefs simultaneously is based on personal observation. It’s often called Cognitive Dissonance.

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