Separating Fact from Fiction

This novel blends fact and fiction.

The facts are:

  1. Napoleon signed the Treaty of Valençay with King Ferdinand VII of Spain on December 11th, 1813. It restored Ferdinand to the throne he’d been forced to abdicate to Napoleon’s brother, Joseph, in 1808.
  2. The Battle of Vittorio occurred on June 21st, 1813. The French were defeated by Lord Wellington and relinquished Spain.
  3. Wellington’s Vittorio dispatch described an item of French property found at the battle, as a single military chest containing one hundred thousand francs in gold coins.
  4. Sir Gabriel Hopetown Stoke commanded a division of British troops at the Battle of Vittorio. He recorded in his diary, that his men found some money tumbrils loaded with chests of gold coins, and looted them.
  5. French records indicate that the tumbrils contained 5 million francs in gold Napoleons.
  6. The Battle of Aix Roads took place on the 11th and 12th of April, 1809. To accommodate the story, the battle was moved to June 1813. The events before, during and after the battle are accurately portrayed.
  7. Captain Lord Thomas Cochrane was born in 1775 and died in 1860. He was one of the Royal Navy’s most brilliant frigate Captains and he commanded HMS Impérieuse at the battle of Aix Roads.
  8. James Guthrie was the surgeon and doctor aboard Impérieuse during the battle of Aix Roads. James and Thomas were friends.
  9. The siege of San Sebastian began on the 7th of July 1813 and ended two months later on September 8th. Details on Wellington, the city and the fire are accurate.
  10. With one obvious exception, the technologies used on Bit-by-Bit exist today, albeit in some cases, in less sophisticated forms.

The rest is fiction.

The Chapter Notes contain more details on the facts.

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