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Here’s what people are saying about Napoleon’s Gambit:

A splendid story celebrating love, the importance of family and exploring the need for a code of ethics. It’s also a rollicking adventure that will keep you up late, reading. Good, intelligent fun – just what summer ordered.

I was hooked from the get-go; the tension, humor and excitement run high throughout. The humanity of the characters was so evident, so tangible, the descriptions of people, places and events so vivid, that reading the book was like having a movie reel going through my head at the same time.
Absorbing, fun and an interesting read; everything a good book should be.

Through the fictional characters Captain Josh Rick and Commandant Jean Coignart, and the historical characters Captain Lord Thomas Cochrane and Dr. James Guthrie, Napoleon’s Gambit explores the ethically ambiguous realm of war from four distinct perspectives, underscoring that a code of honor alone shields humanity from barbarism.

Through the conceit of the time machine, Napoleon’s Gambit illuminates the importance of understanding history as a method for confronting our current crises.

Readers grow increasingly interested in literature that addresses political and cultural concerns of the twenty-first century. Topping this list are concerns about the ethics of our leaders and the state of our environment. Napoleon’s Gambit throws down a gauntlet, offering a model for action in the face of the unknown. Our editors found the novel to be fresh and engaging, a book which appeals not only to readers of nineteenth-century history, but also to those readers seeking creative solutions to problems facing our world today.

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