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Historical Maritime Society

If you thought that the plethora of writers on this period must have covered it so thoroughly that there was little leeway to say more you may think again. Eric has skilfully woven a new thread into an old and worn canvas.

Separating Fact from Fiction

This novel blends fact and fiction. The facts are: Napoleon signed the Treaty of Valençay with King Ferdinand VII of Spain on December 11th, 1813. It restored Ferdinand to the throne he’d been forced to abdicate to Napoleon’s brother, Joseph, in 1808. The Battle of Vittorio occurred on June 21st, 1813. The French were defeated […]

Commandant Coignart

Commandant Coignart is a fictional character modeled on typical officers of his time.


A Shako is a tall, black, fur hat worn by members of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard.

Put Good Foot

A short story I wrote about a true event. Yes, the sea features in it, but this time no sailboats appear. It’s set in the early 20th C and I won’t spoil it by telling you much more than that. It’s published on Wattpad here.

Reviews from Early Readers…

Here’s what people are saying about Napoleon’s Gambit: A splendid story celebrating love, the importance of family and exploring the need for a code of ethics. It’s also a rollicking adventure that will keep you up late, reading. Good, intelligent fun – just what summer ordered. I was hooked from the get-go; the tension, humor […]

Chapter Notes Overview

These Chapter Notes will mean more to you after reading a chapter or the whole book. The notes were originally footnotes in the chapters, but most readers found them distracting. Stubbornly believing that some people like to separate fiction from fact as much as possible, I removed the notes from the book and placed them here on its […]