Nacelle. The nacelle of a catamaran houses the coach, and thus the salon, internal helm-station and galley, and the cockpit. On a cat like Bit-by-Bit, the base of the nacelle is about thirty inches above the water, high enough that most waves pass beneath without impact. On smaller cats, large enough to have a nacelle but under 35 feet in length, the nacelle is sometimes close enough to the water to be slammed by waves in rougher seas, causing the salon table, supported on the nacelle floor, to leap into the air.

In the first photo below, the nacelle is visible behind the anchor near the water, in the second it’s that portion of “hull” between the two hulls, below the dinghy or tender. In the third it’s the underside of the boat between the hulls, and in the last it’s that piece between the two hulls near the water, below the dinghy (Byte-me). The last photo was taken at Catana’s yard and shows the new approach where the bow-beam is molded into the hulls as an integral unit. The nacelle is clearly visible as the base of the boat between the two hulls.

Bow-beam BeeBee: Stern View Bit-by-Bit, Lake Ontario Catana hull, nacelle andbeam

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