Forestay. The forestay is a part of the standing rigging of a boat. It runs longitudinally from a point near the top of the mast, forwards to the bow of a monohull (or the bow of the center hull on a trimaran), or forwards to the bow-beam on a catamaran. The point at which the forestay attaches to the mast gives the rig its name in that when it’s attached at the head it’s called a masthead-rig, when it’s attached lower down the mast, it’s called a Fractional-rig.

This photograph shows the forestay attached to the bow-beam – you can see the Profurl unit for the Genoa, and the start of the divided-forestay rising upwards. If you study the rigging attached to the divided-forestay, you will see that the combination of the beam, the metal riser and the steel wires, prevent the forestay from bending the beam upwards as pressure is applied to the sails.
Profurl Port Side

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