Coach. On a modern catamaran, the coach is supported by the aft beam, the main bulkhead just aft of the mast, and on either side by a hull, and forward by the main structural bulkhead (which also supports the mast). The floor of the coach forms the nacelle, which on a boat like Bit-by-Bit of 47 feet, is suspended about thirty inches above the water’s surface. The coach houses the salon (on a mono-hull or powerboat this is often called the saloon) with its table and couch, and often the galley and an internal helm station, too.
The following photographs show the Bit-by-Bit’s coach’s inside areas:

Bit-by-Bit: salon table Bit-by-Bit : salon table Bit-by-Bit: Nav Desk and internal helm station Bit-by-Bit: galley Bit-by-Bit: starboard side

The last photograph shows the coach-house viewed from the starboard side

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